To ease lopsided travel demand at certain destinations and during certain seasons, we will again conduct a pilot program in 2017 to encourage foreign tourists to visit provincial destinations in Hokkaido other than Sapporo. This is a continuation of our pilot program in 2016.

Effective Period: September 1st–November 30th, 2017
Target: Mainly foreign tourists and Japanese nationals who are permanent residents outside Japan who will rent a car.

For our pilot program in 2017, we will use an app called “Drive Hokkaido!” (by NAVITIME Japan) that helps foreign visitors driving a rental car in Hokkaido. The app will provide information on Hokkaido’s tourist destinations and encourage rental car users to visit them. Also, by showing the app displayed on the screen, the user can receive discounts, etc., from participating attractions.

 <Participating Attractions (Effective Period: September 1st–November 30th, 2017)>

※To receive a discount, etc., you must be a foreigner and show the respective coupon displayed by the app on your device.

Also, the data that is collected and analyzed will help us formulate future policies for tourists driving in Hokkaido.

Helpful Information for Driving in Hokkaido
Hokkaido Expressway Pass
With the Hokkaido Expressway Pass, you can drive unlimited on Hokkaido’s expressways at a fixed price.
Along with your rental car, also rent a dedicated ETC card.
Hokkaido Expressway Pass is only for foreign visitors in Japan.
You must show a non-Japanese passport.

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