Former Hanada House Banya


Nishin Banya in Obira Town, a town that grew with herring.

Autumn, Culture, Spring, Summer, Winter

The main establishment of the Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Areas), “Obira Nishin Banya, (Obira’s Pacific herring fishermen’s cabin)”, “Former Hanada Banya”, was built around 1905 and is now designated as one of Japan’s important cultural properties. It boasts its size as the largest herring fishermen’s cabin that remains in Hokkaido. During the peak time, as many as 200 employees lived in the fishermen’s cabin, the typical banya structure of beds being placed around the main hall is notably evident. The building has an extravagant structure that illustrates the prosperity of a herring fishing leader’s family back then.


Former Hanada House Banya

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Address: 35-2 Onishikahirotomi, Obira Town

Tel: 0164-57-1411



Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Areas) Obira Herring Fishermen's Cottage

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Address: Onishikahirotomi, Obira Town

Tel: 0164-56-1828


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