Hokkaido Museum / Historical Village of Hokkaido


A museum built in a park rich in natural environment for acquiring historical knowledge of Hokkaido.

Autumn, Culture, Spring, Summer, Winter

Hokkaido Museum is a prefectural general museum built within Nopporo Forest Park where an abundant natural environment is found. With concepts such as “Hokkaido as part of Northeastern Asia” and “the relationship between nature and humans”, Hokkaido’s nature, history and culture are explained in great detail under five different themes. It is a highly important facility where in-depth knowledge regarding Hokkaido can be obtained. The museum has multi-language description boards and audio guidance in six different languages that are made available for rental.

Moreover, the “Historical Village of Hokkaido” where historical buildings are found in a row is an outdoor museum created in commemoration of 100 years since the beginning of Hokkaido being pioneered. The museum reproduced the old scenes of Hokkaido’s pioneering days in categories of urban area, rural area, mountain village and fishing village. Set a foot on the museum site and experience the extraordinary feeling of slipping back in time to Hokkaido of 100 years ago.


Hokkaido Museum

MAPCODE: 139 150 842*43?

Address: 53-2 Atsubetsucho Konopporo, Atsubetsu Ku, Sapporo City

Tel: 011-898-0466



Historical Village of Hokkaido

MAPCODE: 9 479 473*14?

Address: 50-1 Atsubetsucho Konopporo, Atsubetsu Ku, Sapporo City

Tel: 011-898-2692