Di-Maccio Art Museum, The Forest of Taiyo


The largest oil painting in the world.

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Amid the great outdoors of Niikappu Town stands an art museum reusing the building of a closed primary school: “Di-Maccio Art Museum, The Forest of Taiyo” exhibits about 200 oil and pastel paintings of the fantastic art genius, Gérard Di-Maccio.

Among these works of his, the most striking piece is an oil painting 9 m in height by 27 m in length. This piece is the world’s largest oil painting painted by a single painter and the fantastic atmosphere is further enhanced by the mirrors put around the painting.

The unique world of art which is created within the preserved school atmosphere can be thoroughly enjoyed.

(Closed from Monday to Wednesday each week and from late November to March)


Di-Maccio Art Museum, The Forest of Taiyo

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Address: 204-5 Taiyo, Niikappu Town

Tel: 0146-45-3312