Ainu Culture of Biratori


A town that inherits Ainu traditions.

Autumn, Culture, Spring, Summer, Winter

Biratori Town is a town which strongly inherits the tradition of the Ainu who are indigenous to Hokkaido. The Ainu who inhabited the basins of Saru River formed a cultural sphere around the Nibutani Area and their important cultural assets associated with the Ainu have been inherited and preserved.

“Biratori Town Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum” and “KAYANO Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Museum” are facilities that exhibit many articles of Ainu everyday tools and folklore to provide educational information regarding the Ainu people’s culture and daily lives and at the museum visitors can also watch performances of Mukkuri (Ainu’s folk mouth harp) and/or try making one (advance reservation required).

Also, in the Nibutani Area, the old site of Ainu settlement called Chise and some shops selling traditional Ainu crafts and folkcrafts are found, making the area an indispensable area for leaning Ainu culture.



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Address: 55,Nibutani, Biratori Town

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Kayano Shigeru Nibutani Ainu Museum

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Address: 79 Nibutani, Biratori Town

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