A hill adored by the Jomon people.

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Situated on a small hill looking down on Funka Bay, KITAKOGANE SHELL MOUND HISTORIC PARK is at the midway point of the sea and mountain. The position of this park expresses how much Jomon people loved and worshipped nature such as mountains and the sea. Kitakogane Midden is a huge shell midden that accounts for 1/5 of the total area of all the Jomon shell middens found in Hokkaido. Unearthed from the shell midden are, apart from seashells such as those of oysters and scallops, and fish bones, including those of tuna but also a lot of bones of marine mammals such as seals and whales, signifying the characteristics of the life back in those times. Moreover, we discovered from this historic site that they had a custom of a burial and a funeral. Every year in August, “the Jomon Festival” is held, providing opportunities to experience outdoor Jomon pottery baking and try the daily life of Jomon people.


Kitakogane Shell Mound Historic Park

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