Shiraoi Poroto Kotan / The Ainu Museum


Get close to the life and culture of Ainu.

Autumn, Culture, Spring, Summer, Winter

Poroto Kotan means “a community on a large lake” in Ainu language. Shiraoi Poroto Kotan is an outdoor museum that displays and demonstrates what the Ainu community was like in the old days. Also the museum offers visitors some opportunities to experience the life and culture of Ainu people through observing traditional Ainu dance and Ainu handicraft demonstrations in thatched houses called Chise.

The Ainu Museum is a museum dedicated to Ainu people-related exhibits built within Poroto Kotan. The museum exhibits items and provides information on food, clothing and shelter, religion and lifestyles of the Ainu as well as serving as an interaction hub with indigenous people across the globe.



MAPCODE: 545 224 043*47?

Address: 2-3-4,Wakakusacho, Shiraoi Town

Tel: 0144-82-3914


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