Tradition of Otaru: Handmaking Experience

小樽の伝統 製作体験

Handmaking experience to get a glimpse of the tradition of Otaru.

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The history of Otaru glass begins with the manufacturing of practical kerosene lamps and air balls for fishing. Practical glass products were transformed into colorful and well-designed, gorgeous vases, glasses and coffee cups by glass artists and Otaru established the image as a glasswork town, developing glass production into a major cultural attraction of Otaru.

Various hands-on glass-making activities, including glass blowing, glass beads making, and sand-blasting are offered, enabling participants to get a glimpse of the techniques of the glass masters in Otaru here and there.

Also, in addition to glasswork, Otaru has many traditional musical box shops and sushi restaurants standing in a row. It is one of the attractions of Otaru to make musical boxes with original tunes as a memory of Otaru and eat DIY sushi through a variety of hand-making activities for the tourists.


Tradition of Otaru: Handmaking Experience

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