Samegawa Shrine/Cold Misogi (Pulification Ceremony) Festival


Dignity: Midwinter prayers offered by young people

Culture, Events, Winter

January is where it really gets cold in Hokkaido. In Kikonai Town, an event is held January 13th to 15th called Cold Misogi (Pulification Ceremony) Festival which is a ritual representative of the winter there. It’s a valorous and pure festival entailing the misogi (pulification ceremony) of four objects of worship by four young people in the midwinter ocean in prayer for abundant crops and fish catches. Many visitors come to get a look at the misogi (pulification ceremony) performed by young people enduring their strict training in the piercing cold. At the Cold Misogi Festival held at the same time, there are various events held such as shrine light ups and local food fairs.


Cold Misogi Festival

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Address: Honcho, Kikonai Town



Samegawa Shrine

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Address: 155-1 Kikonai, Kikonai Town