Shibetsu Salmon Park


The largest salmon-specialized aquarium facility found in Japan

Autumn, Culture, Events

Shibetsu Salmon Park is found in Shibetsu Town, which boasts one of the largest salmon catches in all of Japan. The Shibetsu Salmon Museum (the core facility), boasts the largest number of species of salmonids being raised and displayed anywhere in Japan. From September to October of each year, visitors can see the salmon going against the current at a fishway aquarium that’s installed within the museum, and from an observation bridge that’s suspended over the Shibetsu River. The hands-on experience of having a sturgeon nibbling on your finger is also popular. What’s more, the Shibetsu Autumn Salmon Festival is held in September. In addition to being able to enjoy cuisine made with fresh salmon caught off the coast of Shibetsu, visitors can also enjoy events like salmon catching. (Park Open: February-November)


Shibetsu Akiaji Matsuri (Shibetsu Salmon Festival)

MAPCODE: 448 854 737*57?

Address: Nishi 6-1-1-1 Kita1-Jo, Shibetsu Town

Tel: 0153-82-1141



Shibetsu Salmon Museum

MAPCODE: 448 854 760*17?

Address: Shibetsu Salmon Park,1-1-1,North1,West6,Shibetsu Town

Tel: 0153-82-1141


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