Yotaka Andon (Lanterns) Festival


A summer feature of Numata Town: Kenka Andon (Banging Lanterns) Festival

Events, Summer

During late August every year, there is a traditional festival held in Numata Town called the Yotaka Andon Festival. The word “andon” refers to bamboo-ware lanterns affixed with lightbulbs and crafted with Japanese paper made in the image of dragons and ox-drawn carriages. Large ones are 7m in height, 12m in length, 3m in width and are 5 tons in terms of weight.

This festival, which takes place over the course of two days, entails many andons both large and small being paraded through the town at night while participants shout. On the night of the second day, the Kenka Andon is held, which is a ritual where andons are banged against each other. The banging together of the huge andons is a sight that really packs a punch.


Yotaka Andon Festival

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