Furusato Hyappei Matsuri (Hometown One-Hundred Rice Cake Festival)


The world’s best rice-cake making festival.

Autumn, Events

“Furusato Hyappei Matsuri (Hometown One-Hundred Rice Cake Festival)” is held in Iwamizawa City, a major rice-producing district, in mid-September and is a festival with history offering prayers for a bumper crop, prosperous business and longevity.

Using a gigantic mortar of 2.1m in diameter weighing 4 tons and a 200-kg pestle, participants make 60kg of rice cake by dynamically pounding rice. The festival site is livened up with tunes of Japanese traditional folksongs, shamisen and Japanese drums.

During this 3-day festival, the world’s most dynamic rice cake pounding takes place 7 times in total, and the rice cake made during the festival is offered to visitors.