Lake Shikotsu: Hyoto (Ice) Festival

支笏湖 氷濤まつり

Hyoto (Ice) Festival: Shining in Lake Shikotsu blue

Events, Winter

At the Lake Shikotsu Hyoto (Ice) Festival held every year between late January and mid February, various ice objects large and small created using the lake water from Lake Shikotsu (which boasts some of the clearest water in Japan) line the lakeside. In the afternoon, the objects shine in Lake Shikotsu blue and in the evening those are illuminated in a riot of colors that invite visitors to a fantastical world. At the venue there are ice slides and skating rinks set up so even small kids can have enough fun. In addition, on sale are Hyoto sweets (a festival original) and meals that will warm your body, like sweet fermented rice drinks and pork miso soup.

After you’ve enjoyed the festival, why not have a relaxing time warming your frozen body from the core at Shikotsuko Onsen.


Lake Shikotsu: Hyoto Festival (Ice Festival)

MAPCODE: 867 063 569*72?

Address: Shikotsuko onsen, Chitose City