Nemuro Footpath


Explore three very unique areas and discover delights.

Autumn, Experiences, Spring, Summer

“The Nemuro Footpath” is a walkway that connects farms in three areas of Nemuro City, namely Attoko, Hattaushi and Bettoga, and lets walkers soak in this beautiful dairy-farm environment through the skin.

“Attoko Pass” (total length: 10.5km) is a more or less level route with little ups and down to walk pass meadows and old railway tracks. There is a farm coffee shop and a campsite along the way, enabling walkers to enjoy taking a break or staying overnight.

“Hattaushi Pass” (total length: 13.5km) is a route to walk on the farm road and it has a place to observe red-crested Japanese cranes and also offers a chance to enjoy cycling as the road is paved.

“Bettoga Pass” (total length: 18.5km) is a route to walk through the meadow by the sea and the flowers and grazing horses on the seaside and the meadow are sure to take away all the stress and make the walkers truly unwound.


Attoko Pass(Attoko Station)

MAPCODE: 734 210 113*55?

Address: 1-211 Akkeshi, Nemuro City



Hattaushi Pass(Hattaushi Station)

MAPCODE: 734 129 216*61?

Address: Hattaushi, Nemuro City



Bettoga Pass(Bettoga Station)

MAPCODE: 734 171 819*61?

Address: Betsutoga, Nemuro City