Asahikawa Winter Festival


A fantastical winter event produced by snow, ice and light

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The Asahikawa Winter Festival held each year from early February to the middle of the month is one of the largest wintertime events in the northern part of Hokkaido. In addition to large snow sculptures, visitors can also enjoy wintertime activities such as jumbo slides, snow rafting and sleigh rides. The Ice Sculpture World Contest held at the same time as the Asahikawa Winter Festival, is the only official international ice sculpture festival in Japan. During the Asahikawa Winter Festival, there are pieces on display which are so elaborate that it’s hard to think they’ve been completed using ice. In the evening when the pieces are lit up, the refraction of light against the ice sculptures beautifully changes their appearance and captivates onlookers.


Asahikawa Winter Festival

MAPCODE: 79 373 883*07?

Address: Tokiwa Park, Asahikawa City



Ice Sculpture World Competition

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Address: Kaimono koen Dori, Asahikawa City