Sand Bath of Lake Kussharo


Dig out the hot spring from the sand and make your very own outdoor bath.

Autumn, Experiences, Summer

Sunayu, or sand bath on the lakeside of Lake Kussharo located approximately eight kilometers away from Kawayu is an interesting place that people of all ages can enjoy. A hot spring wells up when you dig down in the sand and you can make your very own hot spring bath. However, it is quite hard work to dig out a hole in the sand large enough for a person to take a bath,in, so the best option is to make a small hole for a footbath. Also, there are footbaths already made so you can skip digging, enabling visitors to just sit, soak their feet and relax while overlooking the view of the lake. A campsite adjacent to the lake is popular among family campers.


Sand Bath of Lake Kussharo

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Address: Kussharokohan-Sunayu, Teshikaga Town