Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan (Village)


A village of ice that appears atop a midwinter lake

Events, Experiences, Winter

Lake Shikaribetsu is located at the highest point in Hokkaido at an elevation of 810m. It’s a spot that is one of the colder places in Hokkaido where the temperature in the winter can sometimes drop to 30 degrees Celsius below zero. For just sixty days during the winter, you’ll find a phantom village (kotan) atop the surface of Lake Shikaribetsu.

Among the igloos, houses built from the ice of the lake, is a concert hall and chapel. There is also an ice bar and ice cafe made from ice blocks, where you can have a drink from an ice glass you’ve made yourself. You can also get into an outdoor bathtub atop the lake surface. There is also an ice lodge where you can stay overnight.

At Lake Shikaribetsu in the wintertime, you can enjoy a mystical world of ice that can only be experienced here.


Lake Shikaribetsu Kotan (Village)

MAPCODE: 702 388 451*62?

Address: Shikaribetsu-Kohan, Shikaoi Town