Snowmobile Land in Shibetsu


Winter snowmobiles that pack a punch

Experiences, Winter

In Shibetsu City during the winter, visitors can experience snowmobile rides at two places. One is Hitsuji-to-Kumo-no-Oka (Sheep and Cloud Hill) and another is the Shibetsu Golf Links. On Hitsuji-to-Kumo-no-Oka’s course, visitors can enjoy rounding the 1.5km course and the experience of sliding down a hill in a tube sled. On the Shibetsu Golf Links’s course, visitors can enjoy riding on banana boats that are pulled by snowmobiles across an expansive golf course. These are winter activities that anyone can enjoy, even kids.

Days of operation are from mid January to early March on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. You can borrow clothing, gloves, boots and more free of charge.


Snowmobile Land in Shibetsu -Hill of Sheep and Clouds Course-

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Address: 5351 Nishishibetsucho, Shibetsu City

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Snowmobile Land in Shibetsu -Shibetsu Golf Courses-

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Address: 15 Higashi-8Jo, Shibetsu City

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