Kururu no Mori


Experience delicious flavors of Hokkaido via all five senses.

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Kururu no Mori, an agricultural experience center in Kitahiroshima City, offers the valuable experience of eating fresh-from-the-farm vegetables and fruits while actually sensing the smell and the feel of the fields through your senses. Sometimes the center offers char-grilled sweet corn on the cob and sometimes it offers ice cream made with haskap (blue-berried honeysuckle), which are harvested in Hokkaido only. At Kururu no Mori, staff and visitors alike harvest the fruits and vegetables of the season from the fields, deliciously cook them and put the freshly cooked food on their dining tables. Do come and experience Hokkaido’s farmland filled with new discoveries and inspiring moments such as the delight of harvesting and the great flavors of freshly-harvested food.

Additionally, at the farm restaurant within the center, visitors can enjoy a lunch buffet, serving a variety of dishes prepared using vegetables produced in Hokkaido on the menu.


Kururu no Mori

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Address: 377-1 Omagari, Kitahiroshima City

Tel: :011-377-8700