Rafting Experience (Niseko)


Rafting down the clearest stream in Japan.

Autumn, Experiences, Spring, Summer

Shiribetsu River, having repeatedly ranked as the clearest stream in Japan, has a stable amount of flow and throughout the year it offers a perfect location to experience rafting. Rafting starts from the foot of Mt. Yotei and takes time to slowly go down the river through gently sloped rural settings. Several options are available, including white water rafting with lots of water spray, Ducky boats for 1-2 persons, kayaking that allows good command of paddles and canyoning that offers the enjoyment of adventures such as river sliding which is the most popular summer activity in Niseko. Not to mention rafting during the spring season with a swelling river from melting snow, these experiences are great in any weather: magical moments can be experienced in an enigmatic atmosphere on a day with light rain or a dense fog.

These different types of rafting are offered at Yoichi River apart from Shiribetsu River, indicating that this outdoor activity which started in Niseko is spreading widely across this area.