Onuma Quasi-National Park in the winter


Wintertime Onuma activities enjoyed against the backdrop of magnificent scenery

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The winter in Onuma Park is where everything turns stark white as far as the eye can see due to the snow accumulation atop the frozen lake. There, visitors can enjoy winter activities as much as they like against the background of the wintertime Mt. Komagadake shining in white. There are snowmobiles racing over the frozen lake surface and there’s wakasagi fishing on the icy surface of the lake. There is also the enjoyment magnificent winter scenery on horseback. Please enjoy to your heart’s content the allure of wintertime Onuma such activities like cross country skiing and trekking in snow shoes.

What’s more, in February an event is held called the Onuma Hakodate Snow and Ice Festival. How about enjoying ways to have fun that are only possible at wintertime Hokkaido events, such as jumbo ice slides?