Frano Marche

A place where you’ll find delicious food prepared with an obsession with Furano ingredients

Autumn, Food, Spring, Summer, Winter

In addition to a product center featuring over 2,000 products bearing the Furano brand, a farmers market where you’ll find agricultural products like fresh vegetables and processed food products, cafes where visitors can enjoy coffee and seasonal drinks, you will also find a plenitude of unique take-out shops found only in Furano. This is an entertainment space for food and agriculture which brings together the delicious foods of Furano. At the information counter, you’ll find a reception desk that provides information about sightseeing, maps of the vicinity, brochures introducing the shops, and more.


Furano Marche1

MAPCODE: 349 001 716*80?

Address: 13-1, Saiwaicho, Furano-shi, Hokkaido

Tel: 0167-22-1001



Furano Marche2

MAPCODE: 349 001 779*03?

Address: 8-5, Saiwaicho, Furano-shi, Hokkaido

Tel: 0167-22-1001