Rishiri-konbu (Laminaria ochotensis)


The finest flavorsome kelp.

Autumn, Experiences, Food, Spring, Summer

The leaves of fully-grown Rishiri-konbu are usually 1.5m – 2.5m in height with a shape similar to that of bamboo leaves but they sometimes grow over 3m tall. They are mainly used to add an exquisitely rich and aromatic flavor to luxury cuisines, make soups, prepare Kyoto’s famous Japanese pickles and improve the flavor of simmered tofu. Rishiri-konbu is also processed as tororo-konbu and oboro-konbu (both dried, shredded kelp but with different methods). From June to September konbu handcraft can be experienced, allowing participants to weave kelp to make goldfish and flowers.


Making Rishiri-Konbu for Souvenir Experience

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