Scallops of Sarufutsu


Fully enjoy tasting scallops from the Sea of Okhotsk.

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Scallops from Sarufutsu, which boasts the largest volume of landings of scallops in Japan, is known for its thick and firm flesh. Although their true flavor and texture is best enjoyed raw as sashimi, fried in butter and deep-frying after coating them in breadcrumbs can be equally delicious but in different ways. Scallops come into season between June and October and it’s recommended as the best time to taste scallops.

The “Sarufutsu Tour Festival” is held every July in Sarufutsu Park, offering an opportunity to taste the Village’s local specialties including scallops and hair crabs. It is the largest event in Sarufutsu Village to which many people across Hokkaido come to get a taste of delicious seafood.