Japanese Sake from Asahikawa


Brewing which makes the most of the blessings of Mount Daisetsu

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In the Asahikawa periphery, there are many breweries producing Japanese sake that makes the most of rice that can picked in abundance, of the severe cold, and of the subsoil water coming from Mt. Daisetsu. The taste that makes the most of the climate is popular.

At the Otokoyama Sake Museum, visitors can go on wintertime tours of the preparation landscape and also see precious materials on display serving to convey the history of sake brewing. What’s more, during mid-February is the “Brewery Open”, an event where around 12,000 people come to enjoy the sake preparation landscapes and tasting.


Otokoyama Sake Brewing Museum

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Address: 7-1-33 Nagayama 2-Jo, Asahikawa City

Tel: 0166-47-7080