Pacific Saury


It boasts the largest catch of Pacific saury in Japan.

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Remaining at the top in Japan for the catch of pacific saury since 1998, Nemuro’s Pacific saury fishing begins in July and has its peak in autumn. Pacific saury caught during this time have high fat content, and the most popular way to eat them is simply put on some salt and broil them.

At Nemuro Harbor, the landing place of Pacific saury, the “Nemuro Sanma Matsuri” (Nemuro Pacific Saury Festival) is held in mid-September, offering visitors an opportunity to taste the grilled just-caught, fresh Pacific saury at the quay fireside BBQ area with two rows of 100m grills (the fish is free and 100 yen for the chopsticks and plate set). There are a limited amount of local dishes including Sanma-don (Pacific saury on a bowl of rice) and deep-fried Pacific saury on sale at the venue.

At night the venue is lit up with the lights of Pacific saury fishing boats, creating a very distinctive atmosphere of fireside BBQ adding extra enjoyment to the festival.


Nemuro Saury Festival

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Address: 5 Honcho, Nemuro City