Notsuke Peninsula Hokkai shrimp fishing


Enjoy the rare shrimp caught with traditional fishing methods.

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Hokkai shrimp, mainly caught in the areas of eastern Hokkaido, has a distinctive characteristic that red and white stripes appear on their shells when they are boiled. The catch is extremely small so they are also known as “phantom shrimp”. There is nothing more scrumptious than just-boiled Hokkai shrimp and what is held in time for the fishing season of Hokkai shrimp is the “Odaito” shrimp festival. The festival offers not only the flavor of the season but popular fun attractions including a shrimp & littleneck clam catching game and Notsuke Bay cruising.

Another interesting fact is that Hokkai shrimp fishing here is done by traditional method on broadside fishing sailboats that sail by catching wind with their white sails.