Oysters of Akkeshi


A town offering oysters all year round.

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Akkeshi Town is the only town in Japan where oysters can be shipped out all year round. In Lake Akkeshi and Akkeshi Bay to which plenty of nutrients flow in from forests and wetlands, culture baskets are moved around from one place to another many times to grow oysters with an even better flavor.

Every year, from mid to late May and from early to mid-October, the “Akkeshi Oyster Festival” is held, offering chances to buy oysters, grill and eat them at the venue while selling many other types of seafood including Pacific saury and scallops.

Moreover, at the mouth-watering terminal, “Akkeshi Conchiglie”, visitors can enjoy oysters to their heart’s content as the venue offers all-you-can eat oysters, Oyster Mocha (oyster-flavored) Soft Ice Cream and souvenirs using oysters.