Sweets of Tokachi


The secret of great taste lies in local production for local consumption! Tokachi & Obihiro are the Sweets Kingdom!

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Hearing the word, Tokachi, what comes to mind is sweets. Particularly, Obihiro City is the “sweets kingdom” where a multitude of delicious confectioneries are gathered! Tokachi sweets are exceptionally delicious because all the necessary ingredients from adzuki beans from which sweet bean paste is made from and flour, which Tokachi boasts the largest production in Japan, to milk, eggs and even sugar which are raw ingredients for making cream are produced locally and local consumption in this way keeps the price low, which is another factor for making Tokachi sweets appealing.

What is recommended for enjoying a tasting tour around Obihiro is the “Obihiro Sweets Tasting Tour Tickets”. This unbelievably delightful ticket packet only costs 500 yen for a book of 4 tickets, enabling visitors to taste the best-recommended sweets at four different confectionery shops. So don’t forget to get the tickets and enjoy the Sweets Kingdom, Tokachi’s sweets, to your heart’s content.


Obihiro Sweets Tickets

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Address: 10 Minami, Nishi 2-Jo, Obihiro City