Horokanai Buckwheat Noodles / Horokanai Town Shin-soba Festival (new buckwheat noodle festival)


Delight the palate with highly aromatic new buckwheat noodles.

Autumn, Events, Food

Horokanai Town’s unique climatic conditions such as cool climate, temperature difference between day and night and presence of morning mist that slows down temperature rise during the day are said to be ideal for growing buckwheat. As a result Horokanai Town boasts the largest crop acreage and production of buckwheat in Japan. As September approaches, farmers begin to harvest new buckwheat and noodle restaurants in the town begin to serve shin-soba noodles. Every year in early September, the “Horokanai Town Shin-soba Festival (new buckwheat noodle festival)” is held. Chefs from more than 10 top noodle restaurants in Hokkaido and other parts of Japan gather together to compete to determine who makes the most delicious shin-soba noodles. Visitors can also have an opportunity to experience “soba uchi” (soba noodle making). * Soba uchi experience is offered to visitors in order of arrival.