Vegetable Harvesting Experience (Furano)


Appreciating nature’s bounty – harvesting experience.

Autumn, Experiences, Food, Spring, Summer

Vegetables that are grown on the fertile fields of Furano Basin can be harvested with your own hands. It is such a rich experience to harvest vegetables that represent Hokkaido, including asparagus, strawberry and potatoes, and then cook and eat them at the farm.

“Furano Nature Experience Village Country Terrace KOROPOKKUR” in Nakafurano Town is a popular venue where hands-on activities including cooking with the fruits and vegetables harvested on-site can be tried. (Please visit upon contacting them in advance.)


Country Terrace Koropokkur

MAPCODE: 349 123 420*34?

Address: North5,East1,Nakafurano Town

Tel: 0167-44-2583


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