Historical buildings of Mashike


Historical Buildings of Mashike, a town that walked the path of development with herring.

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Ever since a fishing ground was established, the town of Mashike prospered with herring since old times. Along “Furusato Rekishi Dori (Hometown Historic Street)” stand several buildings built during the period between the late 1800s and early 1900s, preserving the historic streetscape to present. There are historic buildings including the “former Maruichi Honma Residence”, which is an important cultural asset and the “former Tada Store”, which is currently used as the tourist information center.

Kunimare Sake Brewery was founded in 1882. It is the oldest sake brewery in Hokkaido and has a high profile in Japan. It strictly adheres to the traditional brewing method and allows no compromise with flavor. The brewery is Japan’s northernmost sake brewery and a tourist attraction attracting many tourists and it allows viewing by the general public, with a sake tasting area, a shop and commemorative photo shooting wearing Kunimare’s happi coat.


Kunimare Sake Brewery

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Address: 1-17,Inabacho, Mashike Town

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