Hidaka Springtime Sea Urchin


Springtime in Hidaka is best spent with cherry blossoms and sea urchin

Food, Spring

Hokkaido sea urchin is in season during the summer, but sea urchin in the Hidaka region is in season during the spring. The Hidaka region is famous as a production area for high-grade kelp. The sea urchins here have a reputation for tasting rich due to the fact that they grow up eating delicious kelp. The Hidaka region features many popular venues for cherry blossoms, so visitors can enjoy sea urchins together with cherry blossoms in the springtime.

What’s more, in late April in Erimo Town and in late May in Samani Town, there are Sea Urchin Festivals held. There, visitors can enjoy fresh seafood (such as sea urchin that’s in season) on the barbecue and more. You’ll be able to feel bliss in the texture of a sea urchin that melts in your mouth.