Yoichi Wine


Fruit Kingdom of the North, Yoichi and its Wine!

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Yoichi Town produces the largest amount of wine grapes in Hokkaido. It was in the 1980s when wine grape production began in full-scale, and gradually the number of vineyards increased since then and now Yoichi has developed to become a major wine grape producer. German grapes including Kerner and Bucchus are mainly grown here but recently the yield of grapes which are difficult to grow is on the increase. Moreover, the quality of grapes grown in Yoichi is rated highly and there are many wineries established within town, producing wines using locally harvested grapes.

Additionally, in late September of each year, a food & drink festival called the “Yoichi Daisuki Festival” (We Love Yoichi Festival) is held and it attracts many people. Many events are organized including discount sales of fruits, farm and marine products and processed marine products as well as the tasting of alcoholic beverages at a wine bar and a whisky bar.