Crabs of Oshamambe


Local specialty “Kanimeshi” and “Oshamambe Hairy Crab Festival”

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“Kanimeshi” or crab rice widely known as a popular ekiben (packed meal sold at train stations) is a specialty product that represents Oshamambe Town. In Oshamambe, uniquely prepared Kanimeshi is served at restaurants and bars, roadside restaurants and hotels. Additionally, “the Hairy Crab Festival”, held in June in conjunction with the fishing season of hairy crabs, is a very lively festival attracting many tourists and local residents alike. Many participatory events are organized every year, including Kanimeshi tasting, the selling of seashore-boiled hairy crabs, and a hairy crab speed-eating contest. It is a festival to fully enjoy fresh and delicious hairy crabs.


Kegani festival

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