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Feel the history of Japanese Sake Production

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Kobayashi Shuzo is the oldest sake brewer in Hokkaido and it brews sake while being particular about using rice for sake making that is grown in Hokkaido. Within its site, there are buildings including western-style brick warehouses and stone warehouses built with Sapporo soft stones scattered around and a total of 13 buildings are together designated as Japan’s tangible cultural property.

In one of them, Kita no Nishiki Memorial Museum, approximately 5,000 items that represent the history of sake brewing such as drinking vessels, equipment and articles of personal use are exhibited, sake is sold and sake tasting is also available.

The cabin in which people who were engaged in sake production, Kobayashi House, is also open to the public, serving as a valuable facility where visitors can come into contact with the history and culture of Japanese sake making.


The Kobayashi Sake Brewery/KURAMOTO kitanonishiki museum

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Address: 3-109,Nishiki,Kuriyama Town

Tel: 0123-76-9292


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