Crab at drift ice openings


A delicious gift from the drift ice

Events, Food, Spring

Drift ice visiting the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk after traveling vast distances from Siberia contains a great amount of plankton. During the springtime, the number of plankton increase explosively when the ice begins to melt, which then become food for many fish. During this season, it’s said that crabs become incredibly delicious due to the full nutrition they get.

In Abashiri City, there is an event held from late April to late June called the Abashiri Crab-Meat and Rice Campaign (where each year the various accommodation facilities and eateries participate), as well as an event held from late May called Haru Kani Gassen in Abashiri (“Spring Crab Fight in Abashiri”). What’s more, in Oumu Town, there is an event held during late April called the Hairy Crab Festival held by the Oumu Fisheries Cooperative, where visitors can get their fill of hairy crab at the start of spring.