Kamuikotan – a picturesque scenic place inhabited by Gods.

Autumn, Sights

“Kamui” (Gods) “kotan” (village) is a picturesque scenic place that represents Asahikawa City. It has been long been regarded as a sacred site for the Ainu people. Although the valley formed over an unimaginably long time delights people’s eyes with its beautiful transformation each season, it is exceptionally stunning from early to mid-October when the trees across the valley have vivid autumn leaves. Along the torrent of nearby Ishikari River, there extends a harsh strip of strange rocks and bizarre stones for approximately 10 km and boats that travel up and down the river used to capsize on the strip. The Ainu were afraid about those accidents occurring as they believed it was the deed of the devil who lives in the valley.



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Address: Kamuicho Kamuikotan, Asahikawa City