Tonakai Kanko Bokujo (Horonobe Reindeer Farm)


Be calmed by contact with reindeer and impressed by the beauty of the “fairies of the heavens”

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Horonobe Town came to be known as a reindeer town when people attempting to raise reindeer picked Horonobe as the optimal place to do it. Reindeer found at the Tonakai Kanko Bokujo (Horonobe Reindeer Farm) in Horonobe Town are all descendants of reindeer originally coming from Finland. This farm is open all-year-round and visitors can feed the reindeer directly (entrance is free, but the reindeer food requires a fee). What’s more, visitors can also borrow some Santa-type garbs and take commemorative photos together with them. In December, an event called Tonakai White Festa is held.

At the North Garden found within the facilities, the owners take full advantage of the climate to grow blue poppies. Blue poppies have been referred to by mountaineers as the “fairies of the heavens” due to their rarity and beauty. Beautiful blue flower fields can be seen during June and July.


Horonobe Reindeer Farm

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Address: 398-1,Hokushin, Horonobe Town

Tel: 01632-5-2050


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