Notsuke Peninsula’s Todowara Woods

野付半島 トドワラ

Extinction crisis on a peninsula of sand

Sights, Spring, Summer

The Notsuke Peninsula is the largest sand peninsula in Japan with a total length of 26 km; it’s located between the Shiretoko Peninsula and the Nemuro Peninsula. There once used to be a wild forest comprised mostly of Sakhalin firs here on this peninsula, but ocean water flooded the area and the ground foundation in the peninsula periphery sank, causing the wild forest to become a withered forest. This meadow is referred to as Todowara and constitutes an important piece of scenery, since each year more and more of the Todowara Woods disappear due to weathering.

In the summer, flowers of red and yellow bloom and harbor seals visit the back shallows of the peninsula, meaning that visitors can also feel the breath of life from among the desolate landscape.


Notsuke Peninsula's Nature Center

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