Kiritappu Wetland Biwase Observation Deck


A flowery wetland of abundant nature

Sights, Summer

Kiritappu Wetland is a huge wetland boasting an area that’s the third largest of any wetland in the country, which stretches out toward the Pacific Ocean. Part of the area is designated as a natural treasure of Japan and alpine plants in hundreds of varieties grow here in the wild. Biwase Observatory (installed within the wetland) is a facility which gives visitors a long-distance view of the Biwase River that meanders this wetland (the wetland is also important from an academic standpoint). The observatory also provides a commanding view of flowers that carpet the wetland during each of the seasons. The Ezo daylily’s lemon yellows color stretch out over the wetland as far as the eye can see in July.


Biwase Observation Deck

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Address: 782 Biwase, Hamanaka Town