Tsurui Dosanko Ranch


Take horse trekking to visit Kushiro Marsh

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At Tsurui Dosanko Ranch, horse trekking on a native horse found in Japan called “dosanko (Hokkaido native horse)” is offered. The ranch is located within Kushiro Shitsugen National Park and it provides opportunities to leisurely enjoy riding a horse and feel the sensations of the four seasons along a horse trekking route that takes the riders around Kushiro marsh, in addition to horse-riding activities within the ranch. Horse trekking can be enjoyed throughout the year but from spring to autumn, horse riding can be more delightful as you can appreciate the fauna and flora that inhabit the marsh.


Tsurui Dosanko Ranch

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Address: 71-1 Kuchiro, Tsurui Village

Tel: 0154-64-2931