Lake Akan: Sightseeing Tour in the Crushed Ice Zone

阿寒湖 破氷帯観光遊覧

A special tour that can only be experienced for a week during the early spring at Lake Akan

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At Lake Akan, which is located within the magnificent Akan National Park (which features clusters of volcanoes, forests and lakes), you’ll find a special experience that can only be had for one week in the spring. In the wintertime, the ice on the surface (which provided enjoyable wakasagi fishing and skating) begins to melt with the advent of spring. And from mid-April to late April there is a sightseeing tour within the crushed ice zone where visitors can sightsee while breaking the leftover ice. Sightseeing on a lake where ice floats in Japan can only be experienced at Lake Akan. When the sailing of the ice breaking ship is done is when springtime really comes around.


Lake Akan Pleasure Boat

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Address: 4-5-8 Akancho Akankonsen, Kushiro City