One of the three most best sunset sceneries of the world


One of the three best sunset sceneries of the world. (Kushiro City)

Autumn, Sights

Kushiro is known as a town with one of the top three sunsets in the world. People say that the evening sun turns red due to the influence of moisture produced from Kushiro Marsh. Particularly Kushiro in autumn has many fine autumn days and many tourists and cameramen gather at around sunset on Nusamai Bridge, one of the top three bridges in Hokkaido. Besides this place, there are many places including Kushiro Fisherman’s Warf MOO and Yonemachi Park (observatory) to take preferred pictures of the sunset. From the observation room of Kushiro City’s Lifelong Learning Center, “Manabotto Nusamai”, the sunset, Kushiro’s downtown and Kushiro Harbor can be observed. After enjoying watching the sunset, why not have a sip of a local beverage, Kushiro Sunset Highball (whisky and soda) while the vivid image of the stunning sunset still lingers on.


Nusamai Bridge

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Yonemachi Park

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Address: 1-2 Yonemachi, Kushiro City



Kushiro City Lifelong Learning Center (Manabotto Nusamai)

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Address: 4-28 Nusamaicho, Kushiro City

Tel: 0154-41-8181