Lake Mashu


Lake Mashu, known as a mysterious lake.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

Having no river flowing into or flowing out of it, Lake Mashu is known as a caldera lake which boasts the highest level clarity in the world. The lake is often described as the “mysterious lake” for the reasons that on sunny days it has deep blue water known as “Lake Mashu blue” and that the lake is veiled with fog for more than a hundred days a year and thus it is also called, “foggy Lake Mashu”. In autumn, stunning scenery with beautifully contrasting hues of autumn leaves and the lake can be enjoyed from the Lake Mashu Observatories 1 and 3.


Lake Mashu Observation Deck No. 1

MAPCODE: 613 781 368*40?

Address: Teshikaga-genya, Teshikaga Town