Otowa Bridge


A spot to photograph Japanese cranes for people in the know

Sights, Winter

Japanese cranes congregate here in order to survive the winter; they sleep standing up on one leg in a river that doesn’t freeze (even in the winter) in order to protect themselves from outside invaders. Otowa Bridge, located in Tsurui Village, is known as a spot where people can observe the roosts of Japanese cranes without intruding on them. The morning is the recommended time to go. In the midst of the kearasi (steam fog) rising from the surface of a river exposed to the cold air, the Japanese cranes flying off from their roost is an extremely beautiful sight to behold and captivates many tourists and cameramen alike.

Japanese cranes are quite cautious, so we recommend viewing them from atop the bridge using your own binoculars.


Otowa Bridge

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Address: Kita 7 Higashi Setsuri-genya, Tsurui Village