Taushubetsu Bridge


A phantom bridge that comes and goes with the seasons

Culture, Sights, Spring, Winter

The Taushubetsu Bridge is a concrete arch bridge of 130 meters in length that was used on the former Japan National Railway Shihoro Line which is no longer in use. This bridge is called the phantom bridge because it comes and goes with the fluctuations in water levels throughout the seasons of Lake Nukabira; it shows itself on the frozen lake surface generally around January.

What’s more, when spring rolls around and the water from the melting snow flows in, the water level of Lake Nukabira rises. The bridge starts to sink into Lake Nukabira from around June and is completely under the lake by around October. The bridge is also called the “Megane Bridge” (Eye Glasses Bridge) as the arches of the bridge reflecting off the surface of the lake give the appearance of eye glasses in the late spring when the water level starts to rise.

When you’re off to see the Taushubetsu Bridge, please use the Taushubetsu Observatory or the fee-based tours.


Taushubetsu Observatory

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Address: Nukabiragensenkyo, Kamishihoro Town