Tokachi Millennium Forest – Hokkaido Garden Pass

十勝千年の森 北海道ガーデン街道

“Tokachi Millennium Forest” - A globally-recognized garden of authentic beauty.

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Approximately 250km in total length, “Hokkaido Garden Pass” connects landscapes distinctive to Hokkaido and eight attractive tourist gardens found in Daisetsu, Furano and Tokachi. One of these gardens is “Tokachi Millennium Forest”. The garden that spreads across a vast 4-million-square-meter forest is divided into four garden areas under different themes of mother earth, meadow, forest and farming; the garden entrance is called “The Entrance Forest”, the one with 13 small and large turfed hills is called “The Earth Garden” which has a wave-like dynamic landscape, the one that expresses the beauty of Tokachi’s flora is called “The Meadow Garden” and the remaining one is called “The Farm Garden”. The garden offers plenty of activities including Segway riding, horse riding and cheese making. Riding a Segway across the green meadow makes the driver feel as if he or she is part of the wind.

(Open: late April – early November)


Tokachi Millennium Forest

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Address: 10 Haobi-Minami, Shimizu Town

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