Rokka no Mori – Hokkaido Garden Pass

六花の森 ~北海道ガーデン街道

“Rokka no Mori” - Hues of the six Tokachi flower varieties covering the garden grounds.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

Approximately 250km in total length, “Hokkaido Garden Pass” connects landscapes distinctive to Hokkaido and eight attractive tourist gardens found in Daisetsu, Furano and Tokachi. One of these gardens is “Rokka no Mori”. It is created by the confectionery shop which represents Obihiro, the sweets kingdom. The shop’s original wrapping paper has the pictures of Tokachi Rokka (meaning the six Tokachi flower varieties that are: Gentiana triflora, Rosa rugosa, Trillium camschatcense, Erythronium japonicum, Caltha palustris var. barthei and Glaucidium palmatum) printed and those flowers are being planted in the extensive garden of 100,000 square meters. The flowers of Rokka display various hues in different seasons such as Erythronium japonicum in spring, Rosa rugosa in summer, Gentiana triflora in autumn and so on. The garden has several art galleries of artists who are associated with Hokkaido scattered around, including Chokko Naoyuki Commemorative Hall where sketches of flowers and plants and paintings of mountains of Hokkaido are exhibited. The garden offers visitors plenty to see so that they can spend as much time as they like.

(Open: late April – mid-October)


Rokka no Mori

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