Shin Arashiyama Sky Park Observatory


Endlessly extending patchwork-like Tokachi Plain.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

Shin Arashiyama Sky Park Observatory offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Tokachi Plain extending as far as the horizon. Visible on a fine day are the patchwork-like rural landscape that endlessly extends from north to east and the spectacular Hidaka Mountains that stand grandly together in a row from west to south – with such views anyone will feel as if he or she is embracing the magnificent nature of Hokkaido. Another advantage is that the observatory is located at 340m above sea level which is low enough to catch the sight of the ears of wheat swaying with the breeze.

At night the sky above the observatory is filled with stars and in winter it is popular as a family ski slope. Moreover, facilities including an accommodation, “Shin Arashiyama-so”, and Shin Arashiyama Park-golf Courses are established within the site.



MAPCODE: 592 884 398*36?

Address: 2-42,Nakabisei,Memuro Town

Tel: 0155-65-2121


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